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Nordman Fir





Really beautiful,  usually grows to a very full kind of tree. It has a wet look, with shiny green needles on the top and a touch of silver on the bottom, but does not loose needles. However, it has minimal fragrance. Very slow grower. This tree is originally from Russia.

More about Nordmann Firs: This beautiful tree has becoming more and more popular every year. It has layers like the Noble Fir, with steardy branches and the short needles are soft and delicate to the touch, that are densely arranged on tiered, downward-sweeping branches. The top of the leaves are a bright, shinny green, and the bottom are of a lighter green, with two strips of silver.  This tree has great needle retention, and will outlast even the Noble Firs.

Abies nordmanniana is a fir native to the mountains south and east of the Black Sea, in Turkey, Georgia, Russian Caucasus and northern parts of Armenia. It occurs at altitudes of 900-2,200 m . In the Western Caucasus Reserve, some specimens have been reported to be 78 m tall, the tallest trees in Europe. There are two subspecies (treated as distinct species by some botanists): Caucasian Fir or Turkish Fir.

It was discovered by Alexander Von Nordmann, German botanist (1803-66), who introduced it to western Europe in 1838.


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