Shawn Christmas Trees Lots | Los Angeles - CA

From the mountains of Oregon to your living room

We have been selling Christmas trees in West Los Angeles for 37 years.
We are one of the oldest individually owned Christmas tree lot in the area, with an ever increasing loyal and discriminating clientele, which surprises us by following us year after year of peregrinations through the city. We have earned our reputation
with a lot of research, hard work, and fair prices.
For almost ten years, we walked miles and miles of Christmas tree farms
hand picking the best trees. We have learned a lot along the years and always buy trees from smaller, more quality minded growers.
Smaller and more frequent shipments guarantees that our trees are always fresh. We also take very good care of our trees, watering them everyday and keeping them in water as soon as they are opened.
We are known for having a really good variety and to carry large trees. We have trees as small as 2 ft tall up to 15 ft tall. We carry Douglas Fir, Noble Fir, Nordman Fir, Grand Fir , Silver Tips and Fraser Fir, that we bring all the way from North Carolina due to better quality. We also have really beautiful wreaths in six different sizes.

Silver Tip

Has very strong branches that grow in symmetrical layers, with large spaces in between. It earned its name due to the silver color at the tips of the branches. Good choice for those that have big ornaments.

Nordman Fir

Really beautiful, usually very dense kind of tree. It has a “wet” look, with shiny green needles on the top and a touch of silver on the bottom. Has minimal fragrance but does not shed its needles.

Fraser fir

Very popular Christmas tree in the East Cost. It has strong branches that grow upwards and medium density. Has a strong fragrance and an intense green color on the top of the needles with a silver tone underneath. Its a very durable tree, and has great needle retention.

Grand Fir

It’s known for its superior fragrance. It has a beautiful cone shape and a beautiful shinny “wet” look. Sheds a bit more than the others species.

Noble Fir

It’s famous for its beauty, becoming the most popular Christmas tree for the last two decades.. Has strong branches, medium fragrance and needles are deep green to deep blue-green. It does not loose a lot of needles..

Douglas Fir

Beautiful cone shaped, dense and ‘bushy”. The needles have a light green color and has medium fragrance. It's a fast grower.